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Why use Visiodocs?

What sets Visiodocs apart, is our powerful annotation workflow, which condenses all mark-ups and comments across multiple documents into an extract. Experience a complete overview of all your annotations, including the actual content, regardless of location.


Group documents in collections and jump easily between documents and images as you study. Documents are left open on the page you worked on last, making it easy to continue at a later time.


Choose your annotation tool, mark-up and comment as you go along. Categorize annotations using labels, making it easy to group and review annotations related to a specific topic


Use the annotation extract list to review mark-ups, comments and the original documents. You can filter into categories as you like and download or print an annotation extract report.


Share documents, collection layout and comments live with others. Participants can add comments, annotations and documents and all is immediately visible to all participants. Invite reviewers without a Visiodocs license to annotate and comment.


Increase productivity by copy-pasting text from documents in Visiodocs (pdf, word, ppt, excel, emails) into a new master document you work on outside Visiodocs e.g. word or power-point.


Documents uploaded to Visiodocs cannot be printed, which limits distribution of documents and sensitive information. All data are encrypted during transit and storage using enterprise grade storage with Google Firebase, which is compliant with ISO 27001.

Key Benefits at a Glance

Go digital in a simple and intuitive way. No need for installation or training.
Upload your PDF, word, power-point, excel, emails, jpg and png documents directly
Jump between open documents, just like on your real desktop
Extract annotations quickly into a combined report
Share with colleagues and clients
Invite reviewers to join a project
Limit your transaction time, documents stay open as you left them
Works on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Ipad, Iphone and Android

Try Visiodocs

Upload a few documents and get the feeling of Visiodocs.

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