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IP & Patent Attorneys can easily review, annotate and share documents with team using legaltech platform Visiodocs.

Intellectual Property

Collaborate, mark-up and navigate information from hundreds of documents.

Collaborative IPR Litigation and Procecution Tool

Visiodocs is a digital tool thats provides overview in comments and mark-ups collected from all your documents. Collaborate with others in realtime and download your key findings in a report.

Document Review

Simply drag & drop documents into your case. Jump easily between documents as you highlight and comment. 

Re-use Information

Copy documents including annotations and move to other folders such as patent families.


Share your case and collaborate with clients and colleagues. Members can comment and upload in real-time.

Generate Binders & Reports

Create legal binders and customized client presentation reports in versions with or without annotations. 

Present Arguments

Use the label function to organize your arguments. Present in the order of your notes and show exhibits as call-outs. 

Instant Access

Visiodocs is an online digital tool, no installation is required. You just log-in and add documents to your project.

Watch this 3-minute video to see how Visiodocs can ease your workflow.

Visiodocs is a great tool for oral proceedings. The application provides me with a much better overview, and enables me to navigate faster in documents and comments,

compared to traditional paper documents and notes. With the latest

announcement, that all oral proceedings before the opposition divisions will

take place by videoconference by default, rather than in-person on the premises

of the EPO , a tool like Visiodocs will make my work so much easier.

Inga Marie Wollny

European Patent Attorney

Quotation mark

Visiodocs provides me with great overview in a case. When returning to a case, all documents and comments are ready in the lay-out I left them last time I worked on the case. This is a huge time-saver, as I can continue working with the case immediately.


Claus Hoffmann

European Patent Attorney

Get Started

Just log in, upload a few documents and get the feel of Visiodocs.

No credit card required

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