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Simplify case preparation and unlock new levels of efficiency.

Visiodocs transforms tedious tasks and dublicate work into automated deliverables. Uncover facts with ease and ensure that your legal team can focus on advancing a winning strategy.

Case Preparation


Structure case materials with ease and analyze key case information in collaboration with stakeholders.

Generate hearing bundles in minutes, prepare particulars of claim and navigate your presentation with precision.

Why use Visiodocs?

Testimonial from user of our collaborative review platform

Jacob Møller Dirksen
Partner, Attorney-at-law

Visiodocs supports us in creating a cohesive strategy built upon annotations made in Visiodocs. Being able to summarize all relevant information and resources in one place helps us develop our case with greater precision and efficiency. Both highlighted information and comments are gathered in a searchable list, so we don't have to worry about losing knowledge.

One of the features that really stands out is the ability to collaborate as a team. We can easily share, highlight, and comment documents in Visiodocs, which streamlines our

workflows and is highly effective in complex litigation and arbitration cases. For example, Visiodocs can quickly generate an electronic court bundle, which also can be shared digitally.


I highly recommend Visiodocs to lawyers and legal professionals. It is an extremely effective platform that makes collaboration and navigation through case documents easy.

Streamline your legal workflow in one single tool.

Transform the way your legal team works by supporting them with the tools they need to work smarter and more efficiently.

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Cooperating with digital front runners in legal

Simple workflow

Simple enough for anyone to learn in 15 minutes. Just drag & drop your materials into your project and you are up and running. No software installation needed.

Interface of a legal document management software
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