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Are Court eBundles a Ton of Work?

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

A court eBundle is a PDF containing the important documents in a case - and offers the court a digital way to review all documents and highlights. It is, however, often extremely time-consuming for solicitors to prepare eBundles — and the parties in court are also bound to be navigating one very long pdf.

Among lawyers, this is a notoriously painstaking and burdensome process, largely due to standard PDF tools lacking any tailormade functionality, meeting the specific requirements of the courts.

Furthermore, eBundles are often made under time pressure with materials and information changing and added close to the deadline prior to trial.

We Make eBundles Easy

At Visiodocs, we are proud to have made eBundles easy. Achieving this was by no means a straightforward process, and we spent many hours collaborating with lawyers in order to learn their needs and requirements:

With our platform you can collate thousands of pages and create electronic binders from your document collections in seconds. We have the tools required to meet the demands by the courts including very specific ways of highlighting, paginating, updating table of content, bookmarks and more. Furthermore, teams can collaborate e.g highlight, comment or add documents and during the actual court hearing navigating the eBundle is much faster than scrolling your way through a long pdf.

Nearly No Learning Curve

As lawyer and partner in Danish law firm CO:PLAY Michael Brandt said weeks after starting using Visiodocs:

“This is a tool that very quickly resolved a challenge for us in relation to making eBundles for court cases - something we used to spend relatively many resources on. With Visiodocs, this has now become a substantially shorter and easier process.”

If you prepare e-bundles for court, investing in a subscription for Visiodocs platform will usually have paid itself back in a matter of days, or even hours. This is because eBundles that used to take workdays are now a matter of minutes.

Importantly, Visiodocs has a very little learning curve, and getting familiar with core functionalities takes only around 10 minutes.

Book a free demo for your company here:

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