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About us

Digitization of documents does not in itself bring clarity to information. This is especially true for industries which deal with large and numerous documents. Visiodocs means “to see documents”, and our company mission is to empower professionals to navigate, review and collaborate effortlessly across multiple documentsVisiodocs enables a seamless workflow for these document heavy industries by providing an integrated platform for organizing, reviewing and collaborating on large files of various file types. 

Our Team


Thomas Weldingh

As CEO Thomas is heading up Visiodocs´ business development and operations and is responsible for strategy, sales, marketing and finance.


He draws on his many years as a senior executive with experience from a number of  digital industries.


Thomas has a strong entrepreneurial drive, which has led to strong growth and company exits in previous positions.


Thomas holds a MBA from Henley Business School, United Kingdom.


Peter Nissen

Peter is the primary responsible for front-end product development at Visiodocs.

He leverages his technical expertise and R&D professionalism from the imaging software to translate development ideas into intuitive user interface and workflow structures.

Peter has been key in the development of the Visiodocs software architecture, authentication and payment modules.

Peter has an educational background studying Electronic Engineering at Denmark's Technical University.


Jørgen Rasmussen

Jørgen is directly responsible for all back-end product development, data management, coding and server development.

He is also responsible for solidifying the product, quality control, devops and product releases.

Jørgen is highly experienced within software development and project management and has worked within imaging software and electronics as a CTO in previous positions.

Jørgen holds a Master of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Denmark's Technical University.

Visiodocs is founded by experienced document imaging professionals.

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