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Electronic Bundles 
Simple and dynamic

Save time and hassle when preparing electronic bundles. Simply add key documents and exhibits directly from your case. Visiodocs will do the rest! 

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Create electronic bundles in minutes. 

Visiodocs electronic bundling tool goes beyond what standard PDF tools are able to deliver. Designed to comply with formalia set-out by the courts Visiodocs simplifies preparation of electronic bundles on a secure platform that can be accessed from anywhere.

Create binders with ease

Simply drag and drop documents into each section of your preset bundle template.  Our auto-edit function will modify documents titles, and place dates and appendix nos. in their respective columns - and your Table of Contents is ready.


Visiodocs easily arranges  documents in chronological order within each section of your bundle.

Automate manual tasks 

Last minut changes? You just drag and drop additional documents into the desired position in the document list. Visiodocs automatically indexes and paginates documents, update Table of Contents, hyperlinks, bookmarks, highlights and other formalia.

Search through the bundle easily and instantly access relevant documents or exhibits using hyperlinks and call-outs.

Collaborate in realtime

Invite key stakeholders to access the bundle to add documents, highlight and annotate text, highlight sections of interest and share comments. Any changes to documents will be dynamically updated for all participants in the project. 

Boost performance

Easy and dynamic updating of an existing bundle.

Ensure fast turnaround and meet deadlines.

Collate bundles upto 19.000+ pages in few minutes.

Apply stamps to appendices directly in Visiodocs.

Eliminate pains

No more chaotic last minute changes. 

No need for emailing PDF bundles back and forth

Make printing and yellow stickers a thing of the past. 

No need to work with multiple stand-alone applications.

Testimonial from user of our collaborative review platform

Jacob Møller Dirksen
Partner, Attorney-at-law
Accura Law firm

Visiodocs supports us in creating a cohesive strategy built upon annotations made in Visiodocs. Being able to summarize all relevant information and resources in one place helps us develop our case with greater precision and efficiency. Both highlighted information and comments are gathered in a searchable list, so we don't have to worry about losing knowledge.

One of the features that really stands out is the ability to collaborate as a team. We can easily share, highlight, and comment documents in Visiodocs, which streamlines our

workflows and is highly effective in complex litigation and arbitration cases. For example, Visiodocs can quickly generate an electronic court bundle, which also can be shared digitally.


I highly recommend Visiodocs to lawyers and legal professionals. It is an extremely effective platform that makes collaboration and navigation through case documents easy.

Cooperating with digital front runners in legal

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Get Started

Just log in, upload a few documents and get the feel of Visiodocs.

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