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Legal Workflow Simplified: Document Review Made Easy

Never miss out on key information and
save hundreds of hours reviewing legal documents

Effortlessly structure, review, comment, mark up documents, and swiftly uncover essential insights using our intuitive and collaborative cloud-based review tool.

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You are just one click away from significantly optimizing your workflow and that of your team

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Support your workflow

Streamline case preparation by eliminating paper and stand-alone applications.

Navigate accurately in facts and avoid errors.

Share cases in real-time, avoid bottlenecks and shorten turnaround times for your client.

Ensure preservation of knowledge, when team members change. 

Increase profitability by re-allocating resources to meaningful and billable work. 

Eliminate pains

Loss of knowledge when teams change.

Document logistics that increase costs for your client.

It takes time to get up to speed, when re-opening a case.

Time-consuming eBundle creation.

Document "freeze" due to large file sizes.

See Visiodocs in full effect in our video below

This video has been deleted.
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