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The Perfect Annotation Tool

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Time is valuable – so it is important that time spent with either a client or colleague is used as efficiently as possible. At Visiodocs we know this first hand, so we developed a tool for quick collaborations, between multiple parties, in a large pool of documents.

Our document collaboration tool helps you get access to multiple documents in one overview. In this overview you can annotate, move, and remove parts of documents – all this can then be exported to one complete file that can be sent to interested parties.

Eliminate time-consuming tasks

Our tool can be used by multiple applications from legal document reviews, vendor due diligence, bid management, remote audits to consulting. Our document collaboration tool is helpful in almost all fields of work, where multiple documents need review since it helps smooth out a normally very time-consuming task. If you have clients where you need to run through documents with them, either an audit or document review – then our tool come in handy.

Share your project with clients

You can give your clients limited access to the files but where they can still watch you annotate and respond to the annotations, either live or on-demand. All this frees you from the hassle of keeping track of all your annotations across multiple documents – we have condensed all your notes into one smart overview.

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