A Smarter Way to Review Documents

Summarize Annotations from Multiple Documents


It´s Actually Quite Simple…

You need to review a lot of documents, but it´s hard to keep track of information

spread across all the pages. Collecting all the important annotations is difficult and time consuming. Our annotation tool will make you work smarter.

Visiodocs collects your key information in an extract list, which provides you with an instant overview of all

annotations and mark-ups across all your documents. So try our annotation tool today.


Visiodocs is an online annotation tool, so you are literally up and running within minutes. No installation is needed.

Add Documents

Begin adding documents into your direct document overview.

Get the Work Done

Go ahead and make your annotations. All mark-ups and comments are instantly visible regardless of location in the documents.

How It Works

Navigate Open Documents

So, it´s all about reading documents and keeping track of important information as you go along. Arrange everything in collections and jump easily between your open documents.


While exploring documents you mark-up and add comments. Everything is updated in the annotation extract, which is your direct navigation to annotations, regardless of location.

Share & Collaborate

You can share documents, annotation and comments live with others. Participants can comment, annotate and add new documents and it´s immediately visible to others – on any device

Try Visiodocs

Upload a few documents and get the feeling of Visiodocs.

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