Easily Review, Annotate and Share Documents with Your Team

Collaborate, mark-up and navigate information from hundreds of documents.

Collaborative Annotation Tool

Visiodocs is a collaborative annotation tool tailored for large scale document reviews. We turn high value content collected from multiple documents into organized and searchable insights.


Annotate swiftly in document collections without losing track of data. Categorize, navigate and review findings.


Accellerate the review and annotation process by sharing projects with collaborators, internal as well as third-party.


Collate documents into indexed booklets with pagination, bookmarks and hyperlinks in seconds!


Visiodocs summarizes annotations from all your documents and presents them in organized reports.

Visiodocs is a clever online annotation tool that really makes a difference. Whether you are preparing a court case, an opinion letter or a presentation, you often work on multiple documents and in collaboration with other people. Visiodocs makes it so much easier to annotate while swithcing between documents, and to share the outcome with colleagues and peers.

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Why choose a Cloud Based Annotation Tool?

Documents are typically shared via email, print or an online sharing platform. This is, however, not ideal in industries, where all data handled are confidential and meeting deadlines is business critical. Visiodocs is a cloud-based tool that ensures that teams can collaborate seamless and safely in large collections of documents.

Boost Productivity

Say good-bye to slow turn around times, and increase billable hours. You can work with anyone, from anywhere and access files, comments and mark-ups instantly.

Ultimate Overview

Navigate and visiualize your key findings in very large PDFs or collections of documents with ease. Fast processing without slowing down your laptop.

Get up to Speed

No need to re-open and organize files after idle periods. When accessing a case you will find notes and documents in the exact order you left them last.

Secure Platform

Exchange files with colleagures or clients safely. All files are encrypted during transport and storage and only visible to members invited to the project.


Partners & Clients

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Simple Workflow

Simple enough for anyone to learn in 30 minutes. Just drag & drop your materials into your project and you are up and running. No software installation needed.

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Get Started

Just log-in, upload a few documents and get the feeling of Visiodocs.

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