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Kromann Reumert Benefits from Visiodocs´ Collaborative PDF Solution

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Law firms are one of many industries that rely heavily on standard PDF tools to review, annotate, and create output like bundles and reports. At Danish law firm Kromann Reumert, Visiodocs is making these processes faster and smoother.

At Visiodocs we work closely together with many industries to refine our collaborative PDF solution in order to make an easy-to-use collaborative tool. One of these industries is law firms. Early on we found out that law firms rely heavily on standard PDF tools to review, annotate, and create output like court bundles and due diligence reports. And we wanted to make sure that we provided legal professionals with a simple and easy-to-use collaborative tool, which condenses annotations into searchable reports, offering optimal overview in high value content. In this pursuit, we were fortunate enough to establish a collaboration with one of Denmark’s largest law firms, Kromann Reumert, who now benefits from Visiodocs’ collaborative PDF solution.

Cloud-based work on litigation and due-diligence reports

Cloud-based solutions enable lawyers and legal teams to collaborate remotely on PDF documents in real-time. This is an effective way to review documents, work on litigation cases or due-diligence projects, where one or more contributors review and annotate documents in the same project. Cloud-based solutions improve flexibility and turnaround time compared to traditional on-premises tools. “Visiodocs provides overview and facilitates preparation of the litigation case. We can work remotely on cases, independently or as a team, and can generate a court bundle literally in seconds. This saves us time and removes several logistical barriers in the process,” says Bo Knudsen, Lawyer and Director at Kromann Reumert. And Jakob Dahl Mikkelsen, Lawyer and Director at Kromann Reumert, adds: “Working with large PDF documents, I was looking for a tool that could handle very large documents without files freezing or slowing down my computer. Visiodocs provides me with an instant overview of documents and mark-ups at an impressive processing speed.”

Real-time synchronization

A core feature of Visiodocs’ collaborative PDF solution is real-time synchronization of annotations across multiple documents. When one user makes an annotation, all other users viewing the document see that change immediately. This also applies to comments to annotations, which work like a conversation between the participants in the project. Annotations are searchable via categories, and documents can be downloaded in an electronic binder.

Smooth workflow AND high security

“PDF files are typically shared via email, print or an online sharing platform, as no tech company so far has managed to get collaborative annotation in multiple PDF files right. This is, however, not ideal in an industry where all data that are handled are confidential. With Visiodocs, we ensure a smooth workflow with high security during storage and sharing of data”, says Jacob Brønnum-Schou Head of IT, Kromann Reumert.

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