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Seamless Legal
Case Preparation

We work closely with law professionals to facilitate an end-to-end litigation workflow. Eliminate the challenges standing in the way of actual work with our simple platform.

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An end-to-end case preparation and trial tool.

Visiodocs´ best in class cloud-based document review platform enables legal professionals to easily review case content, generate insight reports, eBundles and share case files with teams, clients and peers - in one single workflow.

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eBundles & Reports

Organize documents easily and gain overview in key materials. 

Review, mark-up, comment and categorize findings.​

Share case files and collaborate with stakeholders in real-time. 

Create court compliant hearing bundles and insight reports. 

Eliminate obstacles and gain advantages in your daily legal workflow 

 Streamline case preparation by eliminating paper and stand-alone applications.

Ensure preservation of knowledge,

when team members change.

Share cases in real-time, avoid bottlenecks and shorten turnaround times for your client.

Improve competitiveness by reducing time and cost needed to deliver quality legal advice. 

Increase profitability by re-allocating resources to actual billable work. 


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Enver Hansen


Visiodocs is a clever online annotation tool that really makes a difference. Whether you are preparing a court case, an opinion letter or a presentation, you often work on multiple documents and in collaboration with other people. Visiodocs makes it so much easier to annotate while switching between documents, and to share the outcome with colleagues and peers.

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Mads Ulrikkeholm

Defense Lawyer

Visiodocs helps me prepare and present compelling arguments in court. The ability to compile a legal binder with categorized searchable annotations provides me with great overview of all facts. Something I cannot do using traditional PDF tools.

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Easily collect, organize and navigate all materials in one digital case file.

Get the full overview of case materials within minutes.

Import PDF’s, MS files, emails, images and more directly from your hard drive or case management system.

Have stakeholders upload securely to designated folders.

Simply drag & drop documents into preferred layout.

Review documents as thumbnails for faster navigation.

When revisiting your case you will find notes and documents ready in the exact order you left them.

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Annotate in multiple documents, without having to worry about organizing your notes. 

Use intuitive annotation and search tools.

Annotate materials, regardless of original format.

Categorize highlights and comments for easy search.

Visiodocs collects and organizes all notes in a list view. 

Quickly review mark-ups by hovering over comments.

Copy & paste text sections effortlessly to MS word.

Work completely paperless within a secure platform.

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Accelerate the review process by sharing projects with stakeholders in real-time.


Share your case seamlessly with team members, counsel, clients or third parties. Anywhere, anytime.



Communicate effortlessly with stakeholders about findings across the entire document collection.



Invite third parties to annotate directly in eBundles.



Easy on-boarding of new stakeholders via an email link.

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eBundles & Reports

Create court hearing bundles, insight reports and closing binders in minutes, not hours.

Create paginated, indexed and bookmarked bundles in PDF with hyperlinked table of content, search capability, stamps and annotations highlighting special areas of interest.

Create insight reports summarizing annotations from all or selected documents in your project. 

Use  reports, as documentation for clients, as hand-over document to colleagues or simply to get up to speed in case details after idle periods.

When presenting your arguments in the order of your notes, Visiodocs instantly displays related pages and highlights.

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