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Seamless Digital
Trial Preparation

Eliminate the challenges standing in the way of actual work with an intuitive and simple platform for legal case preparation.

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Enhance precision and eliminate obstacles in litigation workflows.

A collaborative case preparation platform that allows litigators to review case content across file types, generate insight reports, eBundles and share case files with teams, clients and peers, in one single workflow.

Easily organized documents with a litigation management software
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Documents analyzed quickly with a litigation management software




eBundles & Reports

Organize documents easily and gain overview in key materials. 

Review, mark-up, comment and categorize findings.​

Share case files and collaborate with stakeholders in real-time. 

Create court compliant hearing bundles and insight reports.

With Visiodocs you earn a litigation team member that is both a facilitator and a problem solver. Visiodocs provides you with intuitive functionality as well as eliminating well-known challenges within litigation workflows.

Uncover critical information  

Visiodocs allows law firms to focus on the winning arguments. Our platform empowers you to work with greater accuracy, find important information quickly and collaborate seamlessly with others.


We ensure that all case-related information is stored and organized in a single digital solution, enabling lawyers to prepare and collaborate on cases at any time and from anywhere. Our platform allows you to work across file types, eliminating stand-alone applications.

Visiodocs is developed with input from practicing lawyers, ensuring that it meets their needs. All while reducing the risk of errors and inaccuracies that can occur working manually. 

Prevent loss of knowledge
Visiodocs helps prevent the loss of knowledge when teams and employees change. Our tool is designed to capture and organize all the information in a legal case, including annotations and notes, in a central repository, making it easy to access and share. In this way, your law firm ensures that important case-related information is not lost when team members leave or move on to other projects.


A way to think of it is as Visiodocs being the constant member of your team who ensures that case preparation remains smooth and financially feasible when you have to pick up a case that is already ongoing.

Spend less time on low value work

By automating the creation of reports and eBundles, Visiodocs enables legal teams to focus on higher-value work, such as case analysis and strategy development.


Using a high-precision, automated tool like Visiodocs, the need for manual work is reduced significantly. The result is a more effective use of resources, ultimately leading to better legal advice  for clients.

Support your workflow

Streamline case preparation by eliminating paper and stand-alone applications.

Navigate accurately in facts and avoid errors.

Share cases in real-time, avoid bottlenecks and shorten turnaround times for your client.

Ensure preservation of knowledge, when team members change. 

Increase profitability by re-allocating resources to meaningful and billable work. 

Eliminate pains

Loss of knowledge when teams change.

Document logistics that increase costs for your client.

It takes time to get up to speed, when re-opening a case.

Time-consuming eBundle creation.

Document "freeze" due to large file sizes.

Testimonial from user of our collaborative review platform

Jacob Møller Dirksen
Partner, Attorney-at-law

Visiodocs supports us in creating a cohesive strategy built upon annotations made in Visiodocs. Being able to summarize all relevant information and resources in one place helps us develop our case with greater precision and efficiency. Both highlighted information and comments are gathered in a searchable list, so we don't have to worry about losing knowledge.

One of the features that really stands out is the ability to collaborate as a team. We can easily share, highlight, and comment documents in Visiodocs, which streamlines our

workflows and is highly effective in complex litigation and arbitration cases. For example, Visiodocs can quickly generate an electronic court bundle, which also can be shared digitally.


I highly recommend Visiodocs to lawyers and legal professionals. It is an extremely effective platform that makes collaboration and navigation through case documents easy.

Cooperating with digital front runners in legal

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