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Due Diligence
Data Preparation

Ensure a smooth data collection, sharing and analysis process with Visiodocs collaborative document review tool.

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A collaborative data collection review and reporting tool.

​Visiodocs´ powerful document review platform enables deal teams  to easily collect, organize, review and share documents with stakeholders in preparation of transactions.

Documents organized easy with due diligence software
Text boxes shown for easy collaboration with due diligence software
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Review made easy with due diligence software

Data Collection




​Easily collect and structure information. 

Review, mark-up, comment and categorize findings.​

Share files and collaborate with stakeholders in real-time. 

Navigate findings, download insight reports and closing books. 

Spending countless hours organizing and reviewing documents during vendor due diligence? Visiodocs eliminates the time-consuming data logistics, optimizes the review and feedback process, and provides an integrated and secure platform for sharing, structuring and collaborating across multiple documents and file types.

Accelerate Data Collection

During M&A transactions, advisors receive an overwhelming amount of paperwork in different file formats for analysis prior to upload to the data room. This paperwork is usually received unstructured via e-mail or file sharing services from multiple stakeholders and then moved to a folder on an internal server. The deal team then has to organize, review and check these documents, which includes giving necessary feedback on each document. Visiodocs accelerates the deal making process by eliminating much of the time-consuming data logistics and optimizing the review and feedback process.

Sharing and Collaborating Made Easy And Secure
Visiodocs serves as an integrated and secure platform for sharing, structuring, annotating, and collaborating on confidential documents and data prior to upload to the data room. Nearly every step of the traditional process in vendor due diligence is either optimized or eliminated using Visiodocs. The platform facilitates easy data collection, review, annotation and collaboration, irrespective of file type. Moreover, it allows users to easily navigate back to the source to document their findings. 

Increase Profitability

With Visiodocs you get a platform to conduct quality analysis while reducing the time needed for each project. By eliminating the need for endless threads of emails and reducing the time spent on data logistics you create more time for you to focus on your core skills - and on creating a solid and coherent case to the buyer. Importantly, the ease of using Visiodocs makes the transformation in your personal work process only a small learning curve away.

Boost performance

Reduce time and cost needed to collect and review materials. 

Streamline the review process by using a collaborative workflow

Document your statements by locating facts across all materials - in one click.


Share information in real-time, avoid bottlenecks and shorten turnaround times.


Prepare pitch and IM materials faster. 

Eliminate pains

Chaotic data collection 

Information sharing bottlenecks 


No need to work with multiple stand-alone applications


Hard time consolidating findings

Client push back due to cost 


Lawyers testimonal of a due diligance software

Enver Hansen


Visiodocs is a clever online annotation tool that really makes a difference. Whether you are preparing a court case, an opinion letter or a presentation, you often work on multiple documents and in collaboration with other people. Visiodocs makes it so much easier to annotate while switching between documents, and to share the outcome with colleagues and peers.

Defense lawyers testimonial of a due diligance software

Mads Ulrikkeholm

Defense Lawyer

Visiodocs helps me prepare and present compelling arguments in court. The ability to compile a legal binder with categorized searchable annotations provides me with great overview of all facts. Something I cannot do using traditional PDF tools.

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