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Accelerate Due Diligence Processes using legaltech platform Visiodocs

Accellerate Due Diligence

Generate Due Diligence Reports

Visiodocs is a digital tool thats provides overview in comments and mark-ups collected from all your documents. Collaborate with others in realtime and download your key findings in a report.

Prepare Documents

Drag & drop documents into folders and organize for optimal layout in the folder workspace.

Due-diligence Q&A

Comments and highlights are at hand immediately. Use labels to navigate in notes and mark-ups. 

Share Project

Share your project and collaborate with specialist teams in real-time. Members can comment and upload materials.

Binders & Reports

Download custom reports organizing all your findings and generate closing binders in a few clicks. 

Review Document

You can now begin to scrutinize and annotate documents. Jump between documents to get overview of all details.


Visiodocs uses a secure enterprise grade cloud service and all data transfer is encrypted during transit and storage.

Watch this 2-minute video to see how Visiodocs accelerates your business.

Quotation mark

Visiodocs is a clever online annotation tool that really makes a difference. Whether you are preparing a court case, an opinion letter or a presentation, you often work on multiple documents and in collaboration with other people. Visiodocs makes it so much easier to annotate while swithcing between documents, and to share the outcome with colleagues and peers.

Enver Hansen


Get Started

Just log in, upload a few documents and get the feel of Visiodocs.

No credit card required

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