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Do you know about the Greener Litigation Pledge?

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

The Greener Litigation Pledge is an industry initiative which encourages legal professionals to reduce their carbon footprint and work towards becoming a more sustainable business.

At Visiodocs, we work hard to pave the way for a greener litigation by facilitating a truly paperless case preparation workflow and electronic bundling. We believe that all companies, large or small, should consider how to limit emissions. That includes our own company, and that is why we are happy to have signed the Greener Litigation Pledge as an associate member.

All organizations engaged in the conduct of litigation are welcome to sign up to the Pledge. It has been designed with flexibility in mind to suit organizations from law firms to barristers’ chambers to law tech companies, and other organizations involved in the litigation process.

We hope you will consider doing the same (read more through link below) - and help spread the word about this good initiative to reduce the environmental impact of dispute resolution.

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