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Simplify the 
way you work

Work smarter by using a digital platform that keeps track of key information and automates production of deliverables.

Legal document management software

Facilitate what used to take hours with precision in minutes

Accelerate fact finding, preserve knowledge and work seamless with stakeholders in our best in class document collaboration platform. 

Documents easily organized with a legal document management software
Collaborative legal document management software
Create reports, eBundles, and insights with a legal document management software
analyze documents easily with a legal document management software




eBundles & Reports

Organize documents easily and gain overview in key materials. 

Review, mark-up, comment and categorize findings.​

Share case files and collaborate with stakeholders in real-time. 

Create court compliant hearing bundles and insight reports.

What makes Visiodocs unique is the ability to summarize annotations from multiple documents and formats in a searchable report. 

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Organize documents

Organize documents easily with a legal management software

Simply drag & drop files into designated folders and easily arrange your documents using filters. In chronological order, by file name, creation or last modification date. Add section headers to subdivide documents into your preferred layout.   

Easily find key topics with a powerful search tool with a legal management software

Powerful search

Locate key documents and notes immediately using lightning fast search tools. Search text, document titles, dates, tags, color codes, references, creator or metadata - in different scopes; project, folder or document. 

By hovering over comments, you will immediately see your mark-ups as call-outs. No need to click your way through documents in order to relocate your findings. 


Annotate and categorize with a legal management software

Use smart tags and color indicators to relocate documents and annotations. Auto-tagging can be activated ensuring that both documents and annotations are categorized on the fly. The days of tracking information in extensive spreadsheets are over!

Review and navigate annotations with a legal management software


Use a range of mark-up tools to add annotations into a searchable list to preserve ideas in context. Annotations may include custom tags and/or comments, and the annotation box also allows teams to have a dialogue within the actual annotation - pointing out specific passages buried deeply within large document collections. 

Share and collaborate comments and topics with a legal management software


Collaborate efficiently with team members or external stakeholders in real-time.  Everybody work in the same workspace throughout the process, reducing turnaround time and eliminating inconsistent work. 

Visiodocs enables users to build upon one another’s insights and comments on the shared project. Team members may reply to shared annotations so that emerging theories are preserved in context and remain visible to others.

While Visiodocs is a powerful tool to enable multiple users to share key documents, many users also work solo e.g. in smaller matters. 

Generate Insight Reports And Case Summaries with a legal management software


Generate custom reports summarizing you annotations electronically or as PDF/print. Visiodocs lists snapshots and comments according to topic or in the order of your documents. 

Create reports, eBundles, and insights with a legal management software


Generate court compliant hearing bundles or closing books. Visiodocs automatically produces bookmarks, hyperlinked indexes and pagination. You can further auto amend or exclude document dates, include appendix stamps, highlights, comments, watermarks, change fonts and much more. 

Present Key Findings with a legal management software

Present key information

Contrary to traditional presentations you don't need to arrange your materials ahead of the presentation. Simply arrange and present in the order of your notes and Visiodocs will display both document and highlighted content accordingly.

Eliminate transactions costs with a legal management software

Case ready at log-in

Eliminate transaction costs, when opening cases after idle periods. Just access your cases and find your documents and notes ready in the exact order you left them last time you worked on the case. If you need a read up on facts you simply run a report summarizing all findings in the case.

Smart functions with a legal management software

Smart features

Use smart features to export text or research documents. Copy content from your documents and paste these into a master word document or follow links embedded in your documents directly from the document viewer in Visiodocs. 

Handle Large Documents with ease in a legal management software

Large documents

Did your standard PDF tool ever crash while working i a large file? Well, we fixed that. With Visiodocs you can upload documents with upto 15.000 pages or even large files containing graphics, without fearing to loose work. You can also split large documents into smaller sections or merge several documents into one single file.

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