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Do Large PDF Files Keep You Waiting?

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

It feels almost ironic: It’s 2022 and everyone’s working digital in order to save time. Yet when it comes to working with large and multiple PDFs, freezing and endless load times can make you wish you’d clicked the print-button.

As humans we tend to focus a lot on the what of things: What can this platform do? What functionalities does it have? So much that sometimes we forget that there’s also a how, which is many times equally important. When it comes to PDF files one of those hows is the speed by which you can upload, navigate, mark-up and annotate large documents.

Why we focus on speed

When we first started on Visiodocs, our focus was on function: All the possibilities we felt were lacking when working in and collaborating on large PDFs. In fact, among the founders, two of us had gotten so used to PDF platforms freezing and taking ages, that it simply wasn’t on our radar anymore. We had somehow accepted it and forgotten about it. Luckily, one of the Visiodocs founders was stubborn and had yet to find peace with this ‘reality’. So, he kept raising the question. On top of this, the topic consistently came up during user testing.

The headache spreads

When you’re kept waiting for your PDF platform to unfreeze or upload, you’re not only losing the time you wait. Your workflow is also interrupted and you’re likely to have to pick up your train of thought. Put shortly: When you’re kept waiting, you lose focus. Frustratingly, if you’re part of a bigger organization, your IT support probably can’t be of much help. We have spent loads of time talking to IT department heads who are regularly approached by employees struggling with large files freezing or slowing down their computer. In this way, a fairly simple issue has become the source of daily frustrations on an organizational level. When we showcase Visiodocs we are often met with a sigh of relief, or even a look of misbelief. As if we had just untied the Gordian knot. Can it really be true?

Try it out!

Today we can upload documents of 20.000 pages in less than a minute, and to split them into smaller sections in about the same time. Visiodoc’s unique high speed rendering technology is one of the main components contributing to a smooth workflow. As one lawyer at Danish law firm Kromann Reumert said: “Working with large PDF documents, I was looking for a tool that could handle very large documents without files freezing or slowing down my computer. Visiodocs provides me with an instant overview of documents and mark-ups at an impressive processing speed.” Read the case here We know that talk is cheap. That is why we hope you will try Visiodocs out. No installation is needed (Visiodocs is browser based), and our free version offers many great functions as well as the same high speed you’ll find in the paid versions. Get started right here Looking to try out Visiodocs for your organization? Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Book a free demo here

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