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Vulnerable to Security Leaks When Sharing Documents?

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

From a security perspective, an email approach to sharing documents is far from ideal. As well as being unstructured and messy, the more a document needs to be handled, the higher its vulnerability to security leaks.

Many jobs involve sharing and collaborating on confidential documents – with a client, a consultant or a colleague.

Today, the standard way of sharing these documents is via email. This can feel unstructured and messy. And moving the documents to internal folders can be cumbersome, as well as finding your way back to them later. From a security perspective, the email approach is also far from ideal. The more a document needs to be handled, the higher the vulnerability to security leaks. But what’s the alternative, you might ask? And if there is one, it’s got to be even more of a hassle, right? At Visiodocs we can confidently answer YES – there is an alternative – and NO – it’s less of a hassle.

Hassle-free sharing and collaborating on documents

With Visiodocs you upload documents directly onto a secure platform (all major file types are supported). Here your documents are located in one place in a visually driven and easy-to-navigate overview. In the same space, you can share and collaborate on documents using Visidocs’ annotation and sharing tools. From a security perspective, this means a minimum of moving confidential material around. No more back and forth in endless threads of emails that leave you confused about which documents are where. And no more nagging unease from not knowing exactly where confidential documents are located. Importantly, all files are encrypted during transport and storage and only visible to members invited to the project.

How do you enforce a Clean Desk Policy?

Many companies implement a clean desk policy for security reasons. However, making these policies work in practice is often a whole other story. This is often due to the lack of non-digital tools that can serve as a true alternative to those employees who prefer clicking the print-button. As one of our users, European Patent Attorney Inga Marie Wollny, said: – To me, using Visiodocs means that I experience a real and better alternative to printing for the first time in my career.

What’s the catch?

Surely, there has got to be a catch? For instance, what about introducing the Visiodocs platform to a collaborating partner? Not a problem. First of all, the platform is simple to use with nearly no learning curve. Secondly, the person you invite to collaborate doesn’t have to be a paying subscriber but can simply create a free account. It’s all browser based, and no software is needed. Get started with Visiodocs today. Try it out for free here.

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